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Under the Minnesota Franchise Act, the franchisor must register with the state. Thus, franchise documents should be brought into compliance with the new regulatory scheme. A reputed law firm provides franchise compliance counseling on franchise contracts, transactions, disputes or any other requirements. A franchise attorney will design franchise programs, structure franchise agreements, form distribution agreements, negotiate contracts, manage compliance and resolve disputes. Not surprisingly, it takes many years of experience and study to develop an expertise to allow an attorney to fully understand and navigate every state’s franchise and distribution laws. In addition, select team members cover the gamut of issues in franchise and distribution law for the firm’s blog, Franchise Alchemy. We also provide legal services to established franchises who wish to have their franchise agreements reviewed. A Minnesota franchise attorney can help prepare an employee handbook as well as employment agreements and non-compete agreements for your key employees. It is important that your franchise lawyer has significant experience on the franchisor side of the ball.

Our experience representing clients on both sides of the franchise model has enabled us to develop a more comprehensive perspective that franchise attorneys representing only one side can’t provide. Reputed law firms are capable of representing both small as well as large companies. Keith J. Kanouse has over 30 years of practice in New York and Florida (16 with large law firms) representing entrepreneurs and their companies. There are private offices that provide the companies of CPAs or tax attorneys. A: You are absolutely correct in asking these questions, because there are some techniques you can use to maximize the value you get from using an outside advisor like an attorney while also minimizing your costs. Once you get near the end of the process, the first question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to have an attorney review the franchise agreement. We tend to develop a close working relationship with our franchise clients because of our firm’s small size. Most transactional attorneys are looking for a long term relationship, so they will often discount their fees to establish your relationship. How do I go about picking a good attorney, what should I be looking for in terms of advice, and how much should this cost me?

The Laconia Daily Sun, September 26, 2012 We have assisted franchise clients from all over the United States as well as Canadian franchisors looking to expand in the US. Franchisors are also regulated by federal law. The Kaufmann Gildin franchise team is justifiably famous throughout the United States and the world for its deep and broad experience; penetrating expertise; multifaceted talents; remarkable results; and, its illustrious client roster, which consists of many of our nation’s and the world’s largest and most prestigious franchisors as well as a vast array of startup and midrange franchisors. Provide overall deal management to guide the client through the entire process. The first piece of advice for anyone in your shoes is to save the expensive parts of your franchise research until near the end of the process. A Minnesota franchise attorney can provide guidance on multi-unit ownership (including the best strategies for ensuring limited liability and asset protection if one of the franchises fails). Several states, including Minnesota, have adopted stringent franchise laws.

Purchasing and operating a franchise can be exciting, rewarding, successful, and lucrative. A Minnesota franchise attorney can help you prepare and/or negotiate the terms of your standard business contracts with suppliers, vendors, and customers. Through franchising, our attorneys develop growth strategies to meet your specific business needs, regardless of the industry in which you operate. Do they list franchise specific honors (being named to the Franchise Times list of Legal Eagles, for example)? He was named the inaugural “New York Area Franchise Lawyer of the Year” by New York magazine. To be successful, you will typically need to pay substantial up-front franchise fees, commit to a long-term real estate lease, and make substantial investments in equipment, supplies, and employee training. Review your commercial real estate lease prior to commencing business operations. Mr. Kanouse has lectured and published locally, nationally and internationally on franchise, corporate, securities and real estate topics including the author of 3 books and co-author of 2 others. We have represented clients who offer franchises nationally, including international franchisors, in a variety of industries, including restaurant services, fashion businesses, home maintenance and improvement, hotel and lodging, business services, technology, real estate, pet food and pet care, professional services and child care services. This article w​as creat ed ​with the he​lp of G​SA Con​tent Gen er᠎ator D​emoversion.

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